Charming and Spirited
A one-of-a-kind success story

Over the years, there have been many successful business leaders but none as unique as Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Inc. Her accomplishments left an indelible mark on American business and opened the door for women around the world.

Recognized today as America's greatest woman entrepreneur, Mary Kay Ash stepped out in 1963 in a man's world to blaze a new path for women. After 25 years in the direct selling business, she resigned a position as a national training director when yet another man she had trained was promoted above her – at twice her salary.

Her response was visionary. With her past experience, the plan she had written and $5,000 in savings,
Mary Kay Ash enlisted the help of her 20-year-old son, Richard, and created Beauty by Mary Kay. It was a first – a company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women. It was founded, not on the competitive rule, but on the Golden Rule and on praising people to success. It was a company – Mary Kay Ash would say – "with heart."

Today her vision, her courage and her unwavering spirit continue to bring women the opportunity to achieve their potential and bring their dreams to life. With more than 3 million Independent Beauty Consultants in more than 35 markets worldwide, Mary Kay Inc. carries on the legacy of Mary Kay Ash – inspiring, enriching and empowering women.

The innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit of this remarkable woman have been captured in many books throughout the years. This site is devoted to those books – the ones written by Mary Kay and the ones that include her message. Many of these books have been translated into several languages to make her story available to a global audience. This site highlights some of the most important books about Mary Kay. They pass on the extraordinary business insight, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit that helped her turn a dream for women into a global success story.